Tranquillity or not
We have been keen motorhomers since 2016 and have recently become aware of the “Tranquil Parks” network of campsites. This sounds idyllic and just what we look for in our summertime motorhome getaways- green countryside, silence broken only by the sounds of tumbling streams, breaking waves, rustling leaves, birdsong and the gentle hum of foraging bees and other insects.
This summer we had our first experience of a “Tranquil Park”. We were pitched close to a group of eight who were friends and had obviously arranged to be on adjacent pitches. They spent their days and evenings together eating and chatting and generally enjoying each other’s company. When a group of eight adults are chatting and laughing together it tends to get pretty noisy. They are on holiday; it really isn’t a problem but it’s not tranquil.
This site also happened to be adjacent to a busy road and so was very noisy especially in the mornings and evenings. Not Tranquil. Our ears were daily abused by the loud music and some bloke’s idiotic chatter from the local radio station relayed into the shower and toilet block. Not tranquil. And of course, the barking dogs; despite owners’ protestations even the best-behaved dogs bark if spooked and quite often if one starts others join in. Not for long I agree, but it is not birdsong or bees humming and it is not tranquil.
Dogs are allowed on “Tranquil Parks” but children are not. The prime requisite for a “Tranquil Site” it appears is no children. I’m not sure why no children equals tranquillity; the sounds of children playing are never as loud as noisy adults, blaring music and radio stations and barking dogs. Children exhaust themselves playing, are in bed by seven and their caring adults spend the evening chatting very quietly so as not to wake the children. Sites with children tend to make for quiet evenings – tranquillity heaven.