Travels in Our Motorhome – RV66 ORG – Autotrail Imala 736G- occupants - two adults of a certain age
There is a good bus service to Caernarvon so we stowed the bikes away and took the bus to visit the town and the castle. It has been many years since we last visited Caernarvon so we were looking forward to the trip. As with so many other towns that used to be popular visitor destinations Caernarvon no longer thrives as it once did. We had thought we might do some shopping but all the usual shops that people need to live – supermarkets, DIY, clothes, hardware/garden stuff etc. are obviously elsewhere in out-of-town shopping parks. We saw no, what I would call ordinary shops, anywhere within walking distance of the centre. And there were no gift shops, knick-knacky boutiquey independent shops of the sort that crop up in busy tourist spots. Flying abroad for holidays is affecting the environment on so many levels.
The castle, however, is a gem and a magnificent one at that. It is a ruin, but a very  grand one with much left to explore and with the excellent interpretation boards making it very easy to gain an understanding of its place in the history of Wales. There is also a small catering area offering drinks and snacks and plenty of benches strategically placed to rest and admire.