Travels in Our Motorhome – RV66 ORG – Autotrail Imala 736G- occupants - two adults of a certain age
April 2022 – Scotland here we come
Off to one of our favourite destinations.
Scotland also has lots of midges so, this year, although we have midge kit (spray, hats etc) we decided to visit early before midge season was under way. Mid-April and we were on our way north, heading for our first stop, an overnight at Strathclyde Country Park, a Caravan and Motorhome Club site in Motherwell. This is a convenient overnight stop when travelling further north but also very convenient for visiting Glasgow.
Buying meals
We like to be self-sufficient with meals. One of the reasons we bought a motorhome is that we were fed up of holidaying in hotels and B&B and paying fancy hotel prices for rubbish meals or traipsing about trying to find somewhere decent to eat. So, we self-cater. If there happens to be a convenient nice pub then we will use it, but we have a policy of not searching about to eat out.
To make our motorhome dining as simple but as delicious as possible we use ready meals quite lot so we only have to cook veg. Ready meals are great for the motorhome. We use a company called Cook Food, but also Tesco Finest, Waitrose and M&S. They all do a wide range of meals for two ranging from about £6 to £9 each on average – generous portions and quite cost effective compared with dining out costs - anywhere from £7 (fish and chips) to £15 - £16 or more each for a main meal -- puddings and wine extra!
The freezer box in the on-board fridge is really tiny – so we have taken it out (it is removable) to give us more fridge space and we carry a separate plugin (12v or mains) freezer box for all of our frozen stuff. Sometimes we stock up before we set out; sometimes we shop on the way. For this trip we decided to shop on the way. Especially as we could call in at Tebay Services on the M6.
Tebay Services - Farmshop and Kitchen just after J38 M6
We are looking forward to reaching Tebay Services because it is a Farmshop and Kitchen service area like the one at Gloucester Services on the M5  -- -- Farmshop and Kitchen is a brilliant motorway service station - completely different to the usual motorway stop. No KFC, no McDonalds, no Greggs etc etc you get the picture. Everything in the café and shop is all from local and independent suppliers. It’s not cheap but everyting is good quality with different things to try, and anyway we’re on holiday so we push the boat out a bit. Motorhomes can stay overnight for £25 includes a voucher for the café and discount on fuel if you spend more than £30 in the shop – which is very easy to do!
The Tebay Farmshop and Kitchen motorway service area is at J38 on the M6.. We have never been to to Tebay before, but having experienced Gloucester services we can’t wait to get to Tebay – are we there yet, how much further? When we arrive it all looks the same on the outside and inside – all very familiar. First stop café – toastie and Cappuccino. It takes an age – the staff are really slow – and when it arrives the cappuccinos are cold and the toasties are still white and lukewarm. We didn't enjoy this as much as we had done at Gloucester Services
Next the shopping – this all looks fine – lots of yummy looking things to buy. The freezer with ready meals looks interesting, and we are the ready meal experts. Tempted by a Lancashire Hotpot for two. A hefty £12! – but this is Farmshop and Kitchen, we’re in Lancashire and we are on holiday. Was it worth the money?